§ 14-4. Additional surcharge for court facilities.  

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    Authority. This section is enacted pursuant to F.S. § 318.18(13)(a)(1), which section authorizes a county of the state to impose by ordinance an additional surcharge under the circumstances set forth therein.


    Surcharge imposed. In addition to any other fine, penalty or cost imposed by any other provision of law, a thirty dollar ($30.00) surcharge is hereby imposed upon any person who pays a fine or civil penalty for any noncriminal traffic infraction referenced in F.S. ch. 318, as amended from time to time, and upon any conviction, plea of nolo contendere or finding of guilt, regardless of whether adjudication is withheld, on any noncriminal traffic infraction referenced in F.S. ch. 318, and any criminal violation referenced in F.S. § 318.17, as amended from time to time.


    Collection and allocation of funds. The clerk of court shall collect the thirty dollar ($30.00) surcharge established in this section and remit it to the board of county commissioners to fund state court facilities. Accordingly, one (1) special revenue fund shall be established to account for the proceeds that are legally designated to finance the particular functions or activities of the thirty dollar ($30.00) surcharge.

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