§ 15-480. Method of collection.  

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  • Unless directed otherwise by the board, stormwater assessments (other than stormwater assessments imposed against government property) shall be collected pursuant to the Uniform Assessment Collection Act, and the county shall comply with all applicable provisions thereof, including but not limited to (1) entering into a written agreement with the property appraiser and the tax collector for reimbursement of necessary expenses, and (2) adopting a resolution of intent after publishing weekly notice of such intent for four (4) consecutive weeks preceding the hearing. The resolution of intent may be adopted either prior to or following the initial assessment resolution; provided, however, that the resolution of intent must be adopted prior to January 1 (or March 1 with consent of the property appraiser and tax collector) of the year in which the stormwater assessments are first collected on the ad valorem tax bill. Any hearing or notice required by this article may be combined with any other hearing or notice required by the Uniform Assessment Collection Act.

(Ord. No. 96-20, § 4.01, 7-23-96)