§ 21-208. Warranty.  

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  • (a)

    Permits shall be issued under this division with the understanding that the permittee shall guarantee all work performed under the terms of the permit for a period of one (1) year from the date of completion as certified on the permit by the county inspector, which guarantee may include the requirement of a letter of credit in the amount of ten (10) percent of the actual cost of the work done. If inadequate design, settlement, or faulty construction of the deceleration/acceleration lane, authorized by a permit issued by the county engineer, results in an inverted crown or ponding affect at the juncture of such lane and the traveled way of the main road:


    Prior to issuance of "Acceptance for Maintenance" by the county, or


    Within the one-year warranty period required by this article, a complete overlay of the deceleration/acceleration lane and the traveled way of the main road, and other auxiliary lanes within the right-of-way, in accordance with the county engineer's requirements, will be required.


    Any failure shall be repaired by the permittee, at the direction of the county engineer, within five (5) working days, unless the urgency of the problem requires a quicker reaction time.

(Right-of-Way Utilization Regs., § XX; Ord. No. 91-13, § 9, 5-21-91)