§ 28-35. Compost bins.  

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  • Accumulations of nonliving plant material may be permitted to remain on property utilized or zoned for residential, professional office, commercial, or industrial use provided that such debris is stored in a compost bin. No more than two (2) compost bins per primary structure shall be allowed to remain on on any particular lot, tract or parcel of property. In addition, the area surrounding any compost bin shall be kept free of excessive growths of grass or weeds in order to prevent rodents, vermin, reptiles or other wild animals from living and breeding around the base of or inside of the bin. Compost bins shall be adequately screened. A compost bin shall not be located in the front yard in front of the principal structure and shall not be located within ten (10) feet of any side or rear property line. In addition, for purposes of reverse corner lots and side street yard lots, compost bins shall be treated as structures and shall comply with applicable regulations.

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