§ 2-204. Membership and mission review board.  

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  • (a)

    Creation, purpose and duties. The board hereby creates a membership and mission review board to:


    Review applications and make recommendations to the board concerning appointments to advisory boards;


    Coordinate, along with the appropriate county staff, all advertisements of advisory board vacancies and orientation sessions for new advisory board members;


    Monitor other matters dealing with citizen participation on advisory boards;


    Conduct periodic sunset review of existing advisory boards as provided in section 2-210 of this article; and


    Perform such other undertakings related to advisory boards as may be assigned to it by the board.


    Membership. The membership and mission review board shall consist of nine (9) members: six (6) members, one (1) to be appointed by each of the six (6) district commissioners, one (1) member to be appointed by the county chairman; and two (2) members to be appointed by the board as "at-large" members. Each appointment by a district commissioner or the county chairman shall take effect only if confirmed by vote of the board. If an appointment by any district commissioners or the county chairman fails to attain confirmation by the board, then a new appointment shall be made by the same district commissioner or by the county chairman, as applicable, and the new appointment shall likewise require confirmation by the board.


    Terms. The terms of office of members of the membership and mission review board shall be for two (2) years and shall expire at midnight of December thirty-first of even-numbered years, except the terms of office of the two "at-large" members shall expire at midnight on December thirty-first of odd-numbered years. Each member shall serve until his or her successor is chosen, and all members serve at the pleasure of the board and may be removed without cause and without entitlement to a hearing upon a vote of five (5) members of the board.


    Meetings. The MMRB shall hold meetings as called by its chairman or by the county chairman as necessary or desirable to carry out its duties.


    Solicitation and review of applications; recommendations. From time to time the MMRB shall identify persons in the county that are qualified for and interested in serving on advisory boards and shall solicit applications for appointment from such persons. In soliciting applications, the MMRB shall endeavor to obtain applications from persons who represent the ethnic and racial diversity of the county and shall endeavor to obtain applications from both women and men. The MMRB shall review all applications and shall make recommendations to the board regarding persons to be appointed. However, nothing in this article limits the board to appointing only persons recommended by the MMRB.


    Staff support. The general services department and, as necessary, other county departments shall be available to the MMRB for staff support.


    Applicability of other provisions. The MMRB shall be governed by the provisions of subsections 2-208 (b), (c) and (d) concerning attendance, selection and duties of chairmen, open meetings, public records and ethics. Also, all members of the MMRB shall attend the orientation sessions required by section 2-209.

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