§ 2-352. Registration and re-registration of lobbyists.  

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  • (a)

    All lobbyists shall register and reregister with the county at the times specified in this article and on the forms prescribed from time to time by the county mayor.


    All lobbyists shall, at the time of initial registration and each annual registration, pay a registration fee of ten dollars ($10.00). No lobbyist shall be required in any year to pay more than ten dollars ($10.00) to register, regardless of the number of principals represented.


    The forms prescribed from time to time by the county mayor for the registration and re-registration of lobbyists shall require, at a minimum, the following information:


    The lobbyist's name and business address;


    The name and business address of each principal represented;


    The specific areas of the principal's governmental interest;


    Where the principal is a corporation, limited liability corporation, or association the name of the chief executive officer of the corporation or association;


    Where the principal is a general partnership or joint venture, the names of all partners;


    Where the principal is a limited partnership, the name of the general partner or partners;


    Where the principal is a trust, the names of all trustees and beneficiaries;


    Where the principal is a partnership, joint venture, corporation, association, trust or nongovernmental entity other than a natural person, the names of all natural persons holding, directly or indirectly, a five (5) percent or more ownership interest in the entity; and


    Disclosure of any business, professional or familial relationship that the lobbyist or any employee of the lobbyist may have with the county mayor or any other member of the board, any staff member to a county commissioner, any county employee assigned to the county mayor's staff, the county administrator, any deputy or assistant county administrator, the county attorney, any county division director, or any county department manager.


    All lobbyists shall register and reregister prior to January 1 of each year, and registration forms shall be filed with the county department or office designated by the county mayor. If and when a lobbyist commences representation subsequent to January 1 of any year of any principal for which the lobbyist has not registered pursuant to this article, such lobbyist shall register with respect to that principal prior to lobbying. Lobbying prior to registration is prohibited. Each lobbyist who ceases lobbying for a particular principal shall file a written notice at the time of withdrawal.


    Principals, or their respective employees, who do not qualify as a lobbyist under the definition set forth in this chapter, shall be exempt from the annual registration requirement.

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