§ 30-591. Application for capacity reservation certificate.  

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  • Generally. An application for a capacity reservation certificate for public facilities other than schools (for schools, see section 30-599) shall be submitted to the CMO and shall be accompanied by a valid capacity encumbrance letter and the capacity reservation fee. The capacity reservation fee shall be established by resolution adopted by the board of county commissioners from time to time. At a minimum, the application shall include:


    Property owner's name, address and telephone number;


    Applicant's name, address and telephone number;


    Parcel I.D. number and legal description;


    Land use(s) permitted for the parcel or parcels under the future land use map;


    Proposed use(s) by land use category, square feet and number of units;


    Phasing information by proposed uses, square feet and number of units, if applicable;


    Existing use of property;


    Acreage of property;


    Name of DRI, PD, subdivision, office park, if applicable;


    Site design information, if applicable;


    Whether sewer capacity has been reserved for the proposed development;


    Written consent of the property owner, if different from applicant;


    A copy of a valid capacity encumbrance letter;


    The reservation period requested; and


    Allocation of capacity, by legal description, if applicable.

    For schools, the development analysis referenced in section 30-563 shall be updated as necessary and shall serve as the application for a certificate of school concurrency.

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