§ 31.5-77. Incidental signs.  

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  • (a)

    Incidental signs may be permitted in any zoning district, except residential districts.


    Incidental signs may only be attached to a ground sign, a wall of a building, a door, or a window.


    A maximum number of four (4) incidental signs may be attached to a ground sign, wall of a building, door or window.


    Such a sign which is erected on a wall of a building shall not extend more than one (1) inch from the wall.


    The maximum allowable copy area of any incidental sign shall be two (2) square feet. The maximum allowable aggregate copy area of the incidental signs per establishment shall be eight (8) square feet. The eight (8) square feet shall not be counted against the copy area allowed under section 31.5-15.

(Ord. No. 90-10, § 4(a)(9), 5-21-90; Ord. No. 94-14, §§ 18, 20, 7-26-94)