§ 37-152. Construction of article provisions.  

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  • (a)

    In the interpretation and application of these rules, all provisions shall be:


    Considered as minimum requirements;


    Liberally construed in favor of the county; and


    Deemed neither to limit nor repeal any other powers granted under other state statutes, or county ordinances or resolutions.


    The county water and wastewater facility permit rules are cumulative and supplemental to existing county laws, ordinance, rules and regulations. Where this article or the rules contained herein conflict or overlap with any other county law, ordinance, rule or regulation, whichever imposes the more stringent restriction shall prevail.

(Code 1965, § 28-234; Ord. No. 83-40, § 14, 10-31-83; Ord. No. 85-19, § 7, 6-24-85)