§ 38-552. Processing procedure.  

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  • (a)

    A complete R-CE-Cluster development zoning application shall be required for any development coming under this article. Such application shall include the following:

    (Ord. No. 97-03, § 5, 2-25-97)


    The configuration and dimensions of the plan drawn to a specified scale, not to exceed one (1) inch equals two hundred (200) feet.


    Existing street network and anticipated access points.


    Natural features (i.e., lakes, rivers, conservation areas).


    Gross density.


    Proposed type of housing and location.


    Location of common open space and percent of gross land area.


    Names of abutting subdivisions.


    Source of water and sewer service.


    Proposed method of buffering cluster development from adjacent lands.


    Proposed method of ownership and maintenance of all common open space areas.


    Four (4) copies of the R-CE-Cluster development plan shall be submitted with the zoning application. The R-CE-Cluster zoning applications shall follow the zoning processing schedule. The R-CE-Cluster development plan shall be reviewed by the planning, zoning and engineering departments, as well as other appropriate county departments. Each department shall submit recommendations to the planning director for incorporation into a consolidated staff report which shall be available to the applicant prior to the public hearing.

    (Ord. No. 97-03, § 5, 2-25-97)


    After a review, the planning and zoning commission shall hold a public hearing and submit its recommendation, which may include conditions of approval, to the board of county commissioners. If the cluster district is approved by the board of county commissioners, the cluster development plan and any conditions of approval shall become a part of the cluster district and shall be the basis for review and evaluation of development plans.

(P & Z Res., art. XXXVI, § 2)