§ 38-557. Common open space.  

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  • (a)

    The amount of common open space, as required by Orange County Code, chapter 24, article II, open space regulations, shall be shown on the R-CE-Cluster development plan. A method shall be provided for assuring the maintenance of all common open space areas in perpetuity, either by transferring ownership and maintenance responsibilities for the open space areas to a trustee or mandatory homeowner's association, or by some other method acceptable to the board of county commissioners. The county shall not be responsible for the maintenance of common open space areas.

    (Ord. No. 92-42, § 6, 12-15-92; Ord. No. 97-03, § 8, 2-25-97)


    The owner shall offer to dedicate development rights for all common open space areas to the county. The county may accept the offer of dedication. If, however, the county refuses to accept the offer, an alternative method acceptable to the county shall be provided to guarantee that common open space areas shall remain in such a state as to maintain the natural character of the area.

(P & Z Res., art. XXXVI, § 7)