§ 38-1007. Standards for accessory retail uses.  

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  • Any retail use listed as a permitted use in the C-1, C-2, or C-3 zoning districts may be permitted as an accessory retail use, provided the following standards are met:


    The accessory use shall be located inside the building occupied by the principal use.


    Access shall be from the interior of the principal use building.


    The floor area of the accessory use shall not exceed twenty (20) percent of the total square footage of the building in which it is located.


    Hours of operation for any accessory use shall be within one (1) hour before and one (1) hour after the normal hours of the principal use.

(Ord. No. 95-16, § 28, 6-27-95)

Editor's note

Ord. No. 95-16, § 28, adopted June 27, 1995, in effect repealed and re-enacted § 38-1007, which previously pertained to yard requirements and derived from the Planning & Zoning Resolution, art. XVI, § 6, Ord. No. 92-41, § 46, adopted Dec. 22, 1992, and Ord. No. 92-42, § 13, adopted Dec. 15, 1992.