§ 38-1205. Land use plan requirements.  

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  • The land use plan, consisting of properly identified exhibits and support materials, shall clearly indicate the following:


    The project name, legal description, total acreage and location map.


    Existing topography at one-foot contours based on the county datum (or as approved by the county engineer) and other natural features including lakes, watercourses and conservation area. On-site soil (based on the soil conservation service classification system), flood hazard areas and generalized vegetation. All plans shall be drawn to scale, not to exceed one (1) inch equals two hundred (200) feet, unless otherwise permitted.


    Existing and proposed land uses, with each phase of the total development identified.


    Residential. Maximum gross density, total number of units, type of unit where feasible or necessary, minimum net lot size, minimum net living floor area, building height, open space and recreation area.


    Commercial. Types of uses, gross floor area, floor area ratio, building height, setbacks and open space.


    Industrial. Types of uses, gross floor area, floor area ratio, building height, setbacks, open space and buffers.


    The phasing of development and the manner in which each phase of development can exist as an independent stable unit.


    The location of collector and arterial streets and highways proposed in the development, right-of-way widths, the location of access points to abutting streets and highways, and projected traffic generation based on established standards. (A traffic study may be required.)


    Identification of existing major street setbacks and planned right-of-way lines as required by article XV of this chapter.


    Proposed method of providing the following services:


    Water service (including fire flows), plus gallons-per-day requirement.


    Sewage disposal, plus gallons per day generated.


    Stormwater management concept.


    School age population.


    Parks/recreation facilities.


    Waivers from the subdivision regulations or the site development standards of the P-D district shall be indicated on the land use plan or submitted in writing.


    The proposed location(s) and height(s) of communication towers.

(P & Z Res., art. XXIX, § 5; Ord. No. 96-10, § 1, 4-30-96)