§ 38-1340. Intent and purpose.  

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  • The intent and purpose of this division are as follows:


    To implement the community village center policies of the future land use element of the county comprehensive plan by authorizing the board of county commissioners to designate an area or areas from time to time as "community village centers" and to apply thereto the procedures, guidelines and standards set forth in this division.


    To provide for an integrated, unified pattern of development that takes into account the unique qualities and characteristics of the designated area.


    To ensure that development occurs in the designated area according to the use, design, density, coverage and phasing as stipulated on an approved development plan.


    To preserve natural amenities and environmental assets in the designated area.


    To encourage an increase in the amount and use of open space areas in the designated area by permitting a more economical and concentrated use of building areas than would be possible through conventional zoning districts.


    To provide maximum opportunity in the designated area for application of innovative concepts of site planning in the creation of aesthetic living, shopping and working environments and civic facilities on properties of adequate size, shape and location.


    To establish development guidelines, design guidelines and site development standards for the designated area which promote the physical and functional integration of a mixture of land uses as required by the community village center policies of the comprehensive plan.


    To provide that these community village center regulations shall be administered by the county zoning division, except that any non-zoning aspects of these regulations shall be administered by the appropriate department or division.

(Ord. No. 96-33, § 1, 10-29-96; Ord. No. 2016-19 , § 28, 9-13-16)