§ 3-104. Sexually oriented businesses.  

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  • In addition to the general requirements for an adult entertainment establishment contained in section 3-101, a sexually oriented business shall, regardless of whether it is licensed, observe the following special requirements:


    Post in an open and conspicuous place and file with the sheriff's office, a list of services provided by the sexually oriented business described in readily understandable language with a specification of the cost of such services.


    Provide each customer, in advance, with a written customer contract setting forth the service or services to be rendered, the cost of such service, the actual full name of the worker to provide such service, and the actual full name, address, and telephone number of the customer to which such service is rendered.


    Maintain a daily register recording all transactions on a form provided by the sheriff's office containing records of all customers with actual full names, addresses, time expended, services purchased and mode of payment and actual full names of all workers who provided services, together with a copy of each customer contract.


    Not increase the incentive or temptation for workers to engage in prostitution or lewdness by allowing any worker of the sexually oriented business to accept any tips or gratuities directly from a customer in addition to the service fee specified in the customer contract.

(Ord. No. 96-34, § 27, 10-29-96)