Part II. Orange County Code

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Adult Entertainment Code
Chapter 4. Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 5. Animals
Chapter 6. Arts And Cultural Affairs
Chapter 7. Aviation
Chapter 8. Boats And Water Safety
Chapter 9. Building And Construction Regulations
Chapter 10. Civic Facilities Authority
Chapter 11. Code Enforcement
Chapter 12. Community Antenna Television Systems; Cable Television, Etc
Chapter 13. Consumer Protection
Chapter 14. Courts And Judicial System
Chapter 14.5. Emergencies
Chapter 15. Environmental Control
Chapter 16. Excavations And Fill
Chapter 17. Finance
Chapter 18. Fire Prevention And Protection
Chapter 19. Floodplain Management
Chapter 20. Health And Human Services
Chapter 21. Highways, Bridges And Miscellaneous Public Places
Chapter 22. Human Rights
Chapter 23. Impact Fees
Chapter 24. Landscaping, Buffering And Open Space
Chapter 25. Licenses, Taxation And Miscellaneous Business Regulations
Chapter 26. Miscellaneous Provisions And Offenses
Chapter 27. Music Or Entertainment Festivals
Chapter 28. Nuisances
Chapter 29. Parks And Recreation
Chapter 30. Planning And Development
Chapter 31. Public Libraries
Chapter 31.5. Signs
Chapter 32. Solid Waste
Chapter 33. Special Districts
Chapter 34. Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 35. Traffic
Chapter 36. Reserved
Chapter 37. Water And Wastewater
Chapter 38. Zoning
Appendix A. Listing Of Local Laws
Appendix B. Listing Of Special Districts Not In Code