§ 15-341. Permit application and procedures.  

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    Generally. Dock construction and repair application forms are available at the environmental protection division. Applicants must submit applications for dock construction or repair permits to the county environmental protection division. Applicants must pay an application-processing fee at the time the application is submitted for review. Payment of such application fee shall in no way guarantee issuance of a dock permit, and such fee is non-refundable. No permit application shall be submitted unless there is a principal use established on the property.


    Applications shall contain the following information:


    The original signature(s) of the property owner(s) upon which the upland portion of the dock is to be constructed;


    The original signature(s) of the applicant(s), if the applicant is not the property owner;


    Satisfactory evidence of title;


    Documentation showing riparian rights for the parcel, such as any legal instrument indicating ownership to the shoreline;


    A copy of a survey of the real property which accurately depicts current conditions;


    Four (4) sets of a site plan depicting the exact location of the proposed dock, and shall include the following:


    An arrow indicating the northerly direction of the scale to which the sketch or drawing was prepared and the name of the water body upon which the proposed dock structure or renovation is to be located;


    The exact distance between the existing shoreline, at the point where the dock is to be constructed or is currently located, and a permanent object or marker (e.g., house, tree, USGS benchmark) to be used as a reference point;


    The exact setback distance from adjacent property lines and projected property lines to all portions of the dock;


    Floor and roof elevations of the proposed or existing dock;


    The current water depth at the end of the proposed or existing dock, and at all proposed mooring locations;


    The length of the proposed or existing dock, as measured from the normal high water elevation (NHWE) to the point most waterward of the NHWE;


    The NHWE as established by the county;


    The location of any conservation easement areas and wetlands within twenty feet from any portion of the dock;


    A description of vegetation types identified occurring within the area described in paragraph 15-341(b)(6) h. Private dock applicants may request EPD to assist with identifying vegetation types; and


    Location of lifts, hoists, mooring pilings and mooring areas.


    A statement indicating whether docks are located on abutting properties;


    A mitigation plan offsetting adverse impacts to the conservation easement areas or wetlands, as may be required under articles X, XI, and XIII, of chapter 15;


    A description of sediment and erosion control measures to be used during construction and/or repair of the dock; and


    Indicate whether the proposed dock is for public, semi-private, or private use. (If the proposed dock is for public or semi-private use, approval of a special exception may be required through the board of zoning adjustment and the board. The application must demonstrate that the property is appropriately zoned prior to permit issuance.)


    Applicants may submit the following information with their applications:


    A request for a variance or waiver under section 15-350.


    Original, signed and notarized letters of no objection from the abutting shoreline property owners — when applicable. The letter of no objection must identify the site plan and construction plan for the proposed dock and a copy of the site plan and construction plan must be attached to the letter.

(Ord. No. 2004-08, § 2, 5-18-04)